3-year dance education programme – emphasis contemporary dance

The summary

Rooted in a culture that supports and inspires the ever-evolving artistic voice, Berlin Dance Institute offers a comprehensive, demanding and exceptionally creative 3-year education programme in Contemporary Dance. We have a faculty of outstanding teachers, many of whom are also performing artists, as well as an extensive range of international guest choreographers and teachers, who thoroughly prepare our students for a career in dance. Our 3-year Contemporary Dance education programme is focused on developing an all-around adaptable dance artist, with exemplary technical, choreographic and performance skills, which will ensure a career in the dance world.

The method

Through highly intensive studio based learning, our core curriculum includes the relevant techniques to build a dance artist, such as Cunningham and Graham based modern and a variety of contemporary styles, all of which are supported by Classical Ballet, Floor Barre/Body Conditioning, Pilates, Yoga and Partnering also personal Coaching. The curriculum is supplemented with guest lecturers who provide additional compatible classes in Flying Low and Gaga technique for example. Our versatile range of classes set the foundation for our students to understand individual physicality and its capacity for movement. An essential aspect of dance technique is to build coordinative, sensory and physical skills in addition to developing a solid sense of precision, placement and alignment.
  • Wendy teaching Jingjing
  • Suleika performing

The artist

Our approach at BDI is grounded in the assumption that creative investigation and contextual understanding are paramount to the training of dance artists. Your creative and individual development is a critical component to your advancement and our faculty will nurture your artistic development. Throughout the 3-year Contemporary Dance education programme this is continuously sustained with intensive movement research through improvisation, contact improvisation, composition and choreography. At BDI you are recognised as an individual, your creative skills will enable you to delve quickly into a dance community where students are constantly inspiring and learning from one another. This creative process gives you the opportunity to enhance your artistic and creative potential.

The performer

It is imperative that our students understand the connection between technical training, creative investigation and performance. Our Contemporary Dance education programme is strengthened through the extensive opportunities to acquire stage experience and further your performance skills. We offer a variety of semester works, performance seasons and outreach projects which boosts our students’ ability to develop their dance voice, and bring choreographic ideas to fruition. In addition, Repertoire classes encourage our students to focus analysis and embody a wide range of choreographic movement. You are also encouraged to collaborate with fellow students to create your own dance studies. Essential to this approach is a constant flow of guest choreographers who are able to present a multitude of choreographic methods and styles. Completed performance projects are presented in house as well as in other performance spaces in and around Berlin. Independent research, company apprentices and undertaking teaching or leadership roles are encouraged.

The final

An independent project is an essential component in your final year. This involves both theoretical and practical research, which leads to a written dissertation and the performance of a choreographed work.

The theorist

Our theoretical courses include anatomy/injury prevention, nutrition, dance history, music theory, audition preparation and cultural and financial management. These modules support and deepen your dance knowledge.

The focal point

Throughout the 3-year contemporary dance education programme your focus will be to immerse yourself in the technical, choreographic and performance process as you start to amass the individual and professional skills imperative to achieve your goal of becoming a successful and resilient dance artist.


BDI can show you the endless possibilities that dance encompasses.
We welcome inventive, creative and enquiring individuals from all nationalities and backgrounds who are inspired and curious about finding their artistic voice.