The intensive dance programme at Berlin Dance Institute is designed for young dance enthusiasts who are looking for an intensive professional contemporary dance education. As well as, individuals who want to dive deeper into the aspects of dance in order to expand and deepen their skills and knowledge.

Ten Month Programme from 02.09.2024 – 30.06.2025

The ten-month intensive is designed for all dance enthusiasts who wish to dive deeper into the aspects of dance in order to expand and optimize their skills and knowledge. Furthermore, we offer an extended creative process towards the final performance. The program is designed as a preparation for the three-year professional dance education.

Additional highlights:

  • Individual assessment session (45 minutes) for each participant upon completion of the first five months
  • One-week special workshop (20 hours). The fundamentals of the workshop include activating and cultivating learning methods in order to move more efficiently and sustainably. The main tools and lenses the workshop offers stem from the research of Axis Syllabus, Feldenkrais and Biotensegrity.
  • Completion of the program with a public performance followed by a festive celebration and presentation of certificates.

Five-month programme from 02.09.2024 – 02.02.2025

The five-month intensive is designed for all dance enthusiasts who are looking for a sophisticated and professional program. You will develop basic knowledge of different dance styles, gain an understanding of basic techniques, and experience being part of a creative process.
Completion of the program with an “informal performance” of the works from the choreography course, followed by a festive celebration and presentation of certificates.


The goal of the Intensive Dance Program at Berlin Dance Institute is to ensure that all participants experience the joy of movement, resulting in a lifelong appreciation for dance. Do you aspire for a professional career in dance? do you wish to apply for further education in dance? Maybe you dance for pure enjoyment. The faculty at BDI prepare our participants for their next step in the world of dance         . 


The Curriculum represents the same high standards as our three-year contemporary education programme. All our dance lecturers are committed to a healthy approach to dance training. Therefore, an emphasis is placed on correct alignment, as well as understanding the fundamental technical basics required. Practical courses include: Ballet, Contemporary, Modern based Graham, Jazz, Choreography and Improvisation. These courses are supported by Body Integration Practice, which enhances mobility, strength, elasticity, coordination and the intelligent use of energy flow.


BDI promotes sound principles of dance training, integrated with thoughtful consideration of students’ mental and physical well being. We understand and value individuality and creativity. Our dance lecturers are educated about dance science and therefore understand the importance of a strong healthy body. As a result, these core values provide freedom and opportunity for all participants to discover individual creativity.

What awaits you?

A professional, open and warm atmosphere. We believe that dancers learn better in a positive and protected environment. A highly qualified faculty will assist you with individual support and coaching. The opportunity to train in our 1050 square meter campus with five spacious light-flooded studios. As well as your own school kitchen and a 50 square meter lounge to stretch, relax and chat.
In addition, an insight into our 3-year contemporary dance education programme, where you can experience first-hand the lives of professional dance artists.

Duration And Hours

The hours are Monday through Friday from 4:45 pm to 8:00 pm. There is the opportunity to use the space at the weekends for self-study and assignments.
BDI Dance Intensive Programme is open to all dance enthusiasts.

No audition is required.

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