"Dancing is like dreaming with your feet"Constanze

Dance classes for children and teenagers

Everyone, young or old, big or small, likes to move to music. Exercise is important especially for children, and so is having fun in the classroom. Berlin Dance Institute promotes dance classes with musicality, stamina, coordination, expression and body awareness. It is important to us that each child is supported individually in a loving, caring environment.

Your child can try out all the different dance styles and give free rein to creativity. From creative children's dance, ballet, modern, funky jazz to street dance . All classes are taught by our caring experienced teachers at BDI. Once a year all children are invited to participate in the annual performance and open day.

Please, stop by for a free trial class. We look forward to meeting you and to welcoming you and your child into our fun-filled dance community.

Creative children's dance

Running, skipping, jumping, walking and turning is a matter of course for children! Children love to move and immediately express their mood with movement.

This love for movement is especially evident when children dance. Creative children's dance encourages children to use their imagination through movement, and dancing. The lessons are designed so that children playfully learn different forms of movement and sequences to different rhythms and styles of music. It also trains children's focus, body awareness, movements and rhythm.

Children's Ballet

Every child dreams of being a ballerina. In the children's ballet class, the children are introduced playfully to the first basics of classical ballet. Different arm and foot positions and getting to know the ballet barre are all part of the lesson.

Small dances and movements are learned, training the posture, body awareness, musicality and agility. In order for the children to enjoy dancing, imagination, imagery and movement are also in the foreground here.

Modern dance

The main purpose of the modern/contemporary lesson is to integrate coordination, expression and personality into dance. In the warm-up we learn different elements and dynamics like turning, jumping and rolling.

Light acrobatics are also incorporated into the class as well as small combinations and choreographies through the room and on the floor.
Above all, dancing is about having fun and passion. Here you can learn to dance with joy, creativity and passion.

Funky jazz / Street dance

This class is about fast, groovy and precise movements. It's a mix of classic jazz dance and street dance. The training is versatile and allows the kids to move today's cool music.

Technique, coordination, strength, flexibility and agility are promoted here - in an environment where the kids can have fun and express themselves.