Berlin Dance Institute is looking for people passionate about contemporary dance, who would like to support our cause. We are aiming to be one of the creative forces in Berlin and Europe, shaping  the contemporary dance world by educating and forming future dance artists. Our school provides just the right mix of professional training and community environment, that lets our students thrive and grow into self-confident, strong and creative dancers.

Berlin Dance Institute is currently searching for a new home in Berlin that allows us to offer more to more people. We would like to expand our class portfolio to bring dance education and recreational fun to all.

How we will use your donations

Furnishing a dance studio is expensive – new floors, barres, mirrors and music equipment cost a lot of money. This is where your donation will be used.

How much should you donate

We appreciate all donations, no matter how small. Even if you can’t support us with money we are happy if you spread the word – everything helps.

Where to donate

Easy. Head over to our GoFundMe page and follow the instructions there.

Thank you

The first two years of BDI have been a great experience for us, the founders, all teachers and our students – we created something beautiful and are full of energy and resolve to take it to the next level.
Thank you for supporting us now and becoming a part of our future!