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Elitsa Zafirova started her dance education at age of 6, studied at the National School of Dance Art of Sofia, BG and graduated at the Kirov Academy of Ballet of Washington, DC. She is certified in Functional Anatomy by Charite University Hospital Berlin; Nutrition for Athletes by Shaw Academy, Denmark; Manual Therapy by ARYM Institute; Progressive Ballet Technique. At the University of Bern, Switzerland she received her Master in Applied Science (MAS) in Dance Science and CAS Diplomas in Motor Control & Learning (fundamentals of training), Psychology & Education (teaching methodologies), Health & Performance. (dance science)
Dancers are the athletes of God.Albert Einstein
As a professional dancer she performed with a large variety of elite ballet companies with diverse repertoire and all-round dance styles in the United States, Germany and Bulgaria. She is an author of a peer reviewed guide for dance educators and presently writes her next e-book. Elitsa has developed science-based in-depth Dance Health Screening program including dance-specific digital motion analysis and cognition assessment that are applied in dance schools in Berlin, Bulgaria and soon in Russia. As a dance scientist, researcher, educator, fitness instructor, motion analysis specialist, lecturer and therapist she is working on institutional and individual levels. Currently she is building the movement & dance science platform Ballet Univerze™ that provides innovative dance-specific training, nutrition education, mindset mentoring, and health solutions.

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