Guest Lecturer Contemporary and Repertoire

Joseph Tmim was born and trained in Israel. Between 1980 – 1985 he was a soloist and choreographer at the Israeli Bat-Sheva Dance Company with which he toured throughout the world. In 1985 he joined Bremer, later Bochumer Tanztheater as a soloist.
In 1987 J. Tmim started working as choreographer and dance teacher mainly in Berlin. His choreographies have been awarded international prizes and performed all over Europe and around the world. From 1988 until 1993 J. Tmim was co-director of Dance Berlin. In 1993 he founded and directed Tolada dance company. The company’s first production “Le vent” was highly successful. From 1993 till 1996 the company was in residency in the “Theater am Halleschen Ufer”, Berlin.
In J. Tmim returned to Israel to be resident choreographer at Muza Dance Company, Tel – Aviv and modern dance teacher at the Jerusalem Dance and Music Academy.
As a Dance Teacher and Choreographer, he has also been involved with the following activities:
Instructor for Masters Degree students of Dance and Music at the Jerusalem Academy.
Teacher at the Rosh Pina Dance School.
Teacher at Studio B, Tel-Aviv Young Dancers Academy.
Guest Teacher and Choreographer in Israel and abroad (see list below)
Today J. Tmim teaches and choreographs for numerous dance academies and companies, teahcers’ seminars and professional developments in Israel and abroad.
Choreographies include:
Plumaktus – Dance Berlin, premiered ’92 in Berlin, further performances in the Copenhagen Dance Festival ’92.
Le vent – Tolada Dance Company, premiered January ’94 in Berlin, further performances in Frankfurt am Main.
Volonte de fer – Tolada dance Company, premiered May ’94 in Berlin, further performances in Genoa, Italy.
Hevel Bavel – Tolada dance company, premiered December ’94 in Berlin, further performances in The Place, London.
To Bavel Two – Tolada Dance Company,
1st version – Premiered May ’95 in Berlin.
2nd version – Premiered February ’96 in Berlin.
Havalim III – Tolada Dance Company, premiered June ’96 in Berin.
Silence Dance – Tolada dance company,
Hearing Silence (draft) – September ’97.
Work in progress – October ’97.
Silence Dance – Premiered December ’97 in Berlin.
Skizze DaDance Nr. 1 – Tolada Dance Company, premiered October ’98 in Berlin.
DaDance Nr. 2 – Tolada Dance Company, premiered December ’98 in Berlin.
A Story from a Crying Man: Szeged Contemporary Dance Company Hungary premiered March ’99 in Szeged, further performances in Budapest.
The Current: Rotterdamse Dansacademie, premiered September ’98 in Rotterdam, (Holland Festival), further performances on tour in Holland, France and Germany.
Hit-Bo-Nenut no.1: Rotterdamse Dansacademie, premiered September ’99 in Rotterdam, further performances in Germany (Oldnburg, Bremenhafen), the Holland Dance Festival and elsewhere in Europe.
Hit-Bo-Nenut no.2: Duet for two DV8 dancers, premiered July ’99 in Stockholm, further performances in London.
Hit-Bo-Nenut no.3: Project “After Balance 1”, premiered January 2000 in Berlin.
Nofim (Landscapes) – Ibal Dance Theater, tel aviv.

Choreographies for Muza Dance Company:
Him, The Bird, and me
Contemplating Ruins
Hungry Eyes
All mixed up
Joseph Has extensive teaching engagements at:
Thelma Yallin High-School of the Arts, Tel Aviv
Bikurei HaItim Arts Center, Tel Aviv
Kibbuz Dance Company, Israel
Budapest Dance Theater, Hungary
Hamburg Ballet, Germany
Tanz Im August, Berlin
Danceworks, Berlin
Marameo Professional Training for Dancers, Berlin
Henny Jurriens Stichting Professional Training for Dancers, Nethelands
Company teacher & choreographer:
Budapest Dance Theater, Hungary
Heger Dance Theater, Hungary
Szeged Dance Company, Hungary
Ismael Ivo Dance Company, Germany
Norrdance, Sweden
Jus De La Vie, Stockholm
De De Dance, Israel
Inbal Dance Theater, Israel
Muza Dance Company, Israel
Kibbuz Dance Company I & II, Israel
Sasha Waltz & Guests, Germany
Tanz Fabrik, Berlin
Guest teacher & choreographer at Academies:
Professor, Leipzig Dance Academy, Germany
Budapest Ballet Academy, Hungary
Jerusalem Dance and Music Academy, Israel
Rotterdamse Dansacademie
Theater School of the Arts, Amsterdam
ArtEZ Institute of Arts, Arnhem
Dansacademie Tillburg, Netherlands
Goteburg Dance Centre, Sweden
P.A.R.T.S, Brussles
The State Ballet School of Berlin, Germany
Palucca School of Dance, Dresden
Stockholm Ballet Academy, Sweden