Lecturer Jazz Technique and Yoga

Kurtis Herd is an internationally recognized dancer, choreographer and dance educator. Born in Australia Kurtis academically and professionally trained in New Zealand, Australia and North America and holds a graduate Degree in Arts. The primary basis and focus of Kurtis’ work is in Contemporary and Modern Dance, however, he has received much success and recognition for his work within the commercial dance industry throughout North America. Kurtis has performed and choreographed for MTV-USA and Canada, Much Music Canada and also the Disney and Family Television Channels in North America. Kurtis continues to work in Europe and abroad as freelance choreographer, dancer and teacher. For the past 6 years he has been developing dance work and educating in the USA, Canada and Asia.
The Union of mind, body and soul allows for harmonious movement. That in itself is the essence of true beauty.Kurtis Herd
Kurtis creatively conceived the professional independent dance collective IDP in Toronto, Canada and has choreographed for the likes of The Met in Houston, and River North in Chicago whilst continuing to independently create his own recognized dance work performances in Asia, North America and newly in Europe. Kurtis recently completed his 250 Hour Hatha Yoga certification and is recognized worldwide by Yoga Alliance. Kurtis is a young and inspiring artist who is recognized as a sought after dance facilitator creating and facilitating dance programmes and initiatives to nurture and encourage artistic development. “From professional to practice, practice to professional”.