Lecturer Contemporary Dance

Luana is an Italian professional dancer, choreographer and International dance lecturer based in Berlin. She graduated from ArtEZ, Arnhem NL. During and after her studies Luana was associated with and dancing with different companies and choreographers. These companies included N/W Tanzcompagnie Oldenburg, Skånes Danstheater, Constanza Macras – DorkyPark, Heike Hennig&Co, McDance Mayer-Chaffaud, Edd Wubbe, Roberto Zappalà, Amos Ben-Tal and many others.

In 2013 Luana created Noas Cia, a project based dance-Theatre crew. She has received production funding and support from different Theatres and Cultural Ministries from a variety of countries. Luana is allied with Anja Kozik, the artistic director of Oxymoron Dance Company – Waschhaus Potsdam GmbH, and she is also an associated Artist of Oplas CRDU. Luana’s choreographic works have been invited to perform at various festivals throughout Europe and overseas.
Since 2015 Luana has implemented her class and her dance methods as a guest lecturer at professional dance companies and professional dance academies throughout Europe. Luana is also a dance lecturer at the university and the Film Gymnasium in Potsdam.