Lecturer Classical Ballet

Sara Reddig began her ballet training in her native England at the age of ten, first at the Elmhurst Ballet School and then at the Royal Ballet School, where she studied with Dame Ninette de Valois and the world-famous Dame Margot Fonteyn. In 1973 she made her debut with the Ballet Royal de Wallonie (Belgium) and soon became “Coryphee”. Sara then went on to work as a demi-soloist in Kassel, and in 1976 she joined the Deutsche Oper in Berlin.

By the time Sara Reddig stopped dancing on stage in 1995, she had built up a rich repertoire that included both classical and modern dance and countless character roles She worked both in the Corps de Ballet as well as a soloist. Sara has worked with leading dancers and choreographers such as Nureyev, Petit, van Manen, Arias, Kylian, Joos, Schaufuss and Panov. Her most important solo parts were in “Apollon Musagete” (Balanchine), “Sarcasms” (van Manen), “Le Jeune Homme et la Mort” (Petit), and “5 Tangos” (van Manen, world premiere at the New York Metropolitan Opera).

Sara Reddig has extensive teaching experience and has been teaching in various schools in Berlin for many years.