Lecturer Classical Ballet and Floor barre / Body Conditioning

Wendy Taylor is one of the founders of BDI. She is a lecturer in classical ballet and floor barre/body conditioning. Wendy has a dance and pedagogic diploma in Classical Ballet form the Legat school, England. She received further dance training at the London Contemporary School of Dance (The Place). In 2015 Wendy also obtained her BA Hon in Humanities with emphasis on history and religion.
As a dance artist and performer Wendy worked for many years in the United States and throughout Europe. With Staten Island Ballet (New York), Darien Arts Centre (Connecticut), Betsy Civa Company, (Connecticut). She was involved in numerous regional dance projects and lecture demonstrations in the New York, Miami and Connecticut areas. In Barcelona she founded and toured with her Dance Company „Dance in Motion“
Teaching is a gift. I am so thankful for every moment I can be in the studio giving, watching, collaborating and enjoying the evolvement of students into beautiful professional dance artists.Wendy Taylor
Wendy has been teaching worldwide for more than thirty years. In Central Park school, New York, the Baltimore Arts Council, Maryland as well as numerous schools throughout the United States. Wendy also spent time in Sao Paulo and Nairobi, Kenya as part of an outreach dance education project. In 1997 Wendy co-founded and directed Roxbury Dance Academy in Stamford, Connecticut.
Wendy has been teaching classical ballet in Berlin for many years, at (Maremeo, Tanz Fabrik, Ballett Centrum). For Fifteen years, she was the head of the Classical Ballet department at Danceworks Berlin. Wendy was also responsible the the daily organization and running of the school.
Since 2013 Wendy has been working together with the Unfallkasse and Dr. Eileen Wanke. She is responsible for the rehabilitation of injured dancers from the Staatsballett Berlin, the Deutschen Oper and the Friedrichstatpalast.
Wendy Taylor brings an abundance of cultural and Dance knowledge to BDI, in addition to great organizational and directorship qualities. She has built up a network of international dance lecturers and guest choreographers.