Lecturer Injury Prevention and Nutrition

PD Dr. Dr. Eileen Wanke is a specialist in plastic surgery and sports medicine. She works in the dance medicine field and is the supervising doctor for professional dancers at various theatres in northern Germany as well as the TSG Bremerhaven in Standard und Latin dance.

Eileen is a founding member of tamed (Tanz Medicine) she is also a member of IADMS (International Association of Dance Medicine and Science) and a full member of the RAD (Royal Academy of Dancing). Her special research interests are in the area of injury prevention for which she has developed a dance specific endurance program.

Eileen is the author of numerous dance and injury prevention studies. She is also a guest speaker at national and international dance medicine and sports medicine congresses. Eileen is a Pilates instructor and a lecturer at the University of Kiel for Dance Medicine.