Susi Neff

Student services at Berlin Dance Institute are the first point of contact for student enquiries. Its aim is to help all students succeed in their studies. Your student liaison is Susi Neff.

Listed below is a variety of information covered by student services with links to a number of helpful resources for students.

Student Support

Our faculty is well aware that aspiring and training to become a dance artist can be an intense process. This is particularly true for students who are new to the country or to the city of Berlin. We are here to offer advice and to help you overcome the challenges that you may potentially face during this transition. We aim to provide you with all the services that you need to ensure that each individual is taken care of.

Tutorials, Academic Support and Technique Coaching

Our Subject Tutors and Personal Tutors provide support on all aspects of the training, both practical and academic.

English/German Language Support

Please inform the student liaison if support is needed with the German or English language.

Health and Wellbeing

Your first person of contact is the student liaison; they will then ensure that your concerns are directed to the correct person. All students, if you wish to, have the opportunity to talk about personal issues in complete confidence and in a private setting.

Fitness and Injury Support

BDI works with a number of doctors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, acupuncturists and massage centres who help students better understand and recover from injury. All students are provided with guidance with regards to nutrition and fitness. We can also offer help and support in finding you a local doctor and dentist.


Most of our students choose to live in shared rented accommodation within the city area. We can provide you with links to real estate websites to make this search easier. It is also helpful if you follow Facebook/Twitter etc as students are always posting new rentals in flats or rooms in shared accommodation.


Berlin has an unbeatable public transportation system. BDI will provide you with a Student card so you can obtain a discount on public transportation as well as entrance fees to theatres, museums and galleries.

  • For smartphones we recommend “Öffi”, a great app for Android (we are sure there is an equivalent for iOS :-))
Funding your education

Students who study at BDI can apply for BAföG, this  is a type of government funding for students studying in Germany. The amount of support given is dependent upon the financial resources available to the student  and their parents. Students who receive BAföG to study at BDI do not need to pay these funds back.
For more information please click here

BDI does award partial scholarships for the three-year programme, but they are limited. Therefore, below are two organisations who offer scholarships especially for international students. 

  • Daad – Click here
  • Deutschlandstipendium – Click here