Lecturer Children’s Ballet

Milana Kraskina was born in Estonia; it is here that she began her dance journey at the age of two and half. She studied all forms of dance including ballet, character dance, modern, contemporary and floorbarre.In 2018 Milana graduated from the Novgorod College of Arts as a dance pedagogic. During her time in the education program, she wrote the pedagogical concept of ballet training. She also wrote other works including "Personality formation in a dance group" and "Classical dance as a means of harmonious education for children". These written works were awarded laureates named after L.P. Sakharova, at the competition of pedagogical skills at the Perm State Ballet School. These works were also incorporated as fundamental teaching elements acknowledged by various dance schools. In addition, Milana took courses at the Academy of A. Ya. Vaganova on the methods of teaching classical dance.
It is important for me that children develop harmoniously - physically and psychologically. Milana Kraskina
To further enhance Milana’s pedagogic education, in 2018, she completed a course in child psychology. In 2021, she then went on to do an advanced training course in “Children’s Health in Ballet”. Milana completed her professional contemporary dance education at Berlin Dance Institute in 2021. She is currently teaching children’s creative dance, ballet and contemporary at Berlin Dance Institute.