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Chaim is a German based Brazilian choreographer, dancer and dance teacher. Chaim Gebber is the artistic director and resident choreographer at CHAIM GEBBER/OPEN SCENE.
Chaim started his successful career as a choreographer in 1993 with »Pressagios da loucura«, a dance piece that was named the best choreography of the year for UNESCO and CIDC (Conseil International de la danse, PARIS).
After many years working with various dance companies in the Brazilian dance scene, in 2001 he moved to Germany where he has been engaged as a dancer and guest teacher at many theaters and private dance companies.
Chaim Gebber
In 2005 he started the research to develop his own movement system The Conscious Body System.
In 2006 he started his own projects in Germany as a freelance choreographer.
From 2008 to 2011 he also lived and worked in Shanghai.
In addition to his choreographic work, Chaim gained recognition as a dance teacher. He gives workshops of The Conscious Body System to theaters and independent dance companies around the globe.
In 2017 supported by GOETHE INSTITUTE Chaim taught workshops of The Conscious Body System in Moscow, Rabat and Casablanca.
Chaim’s creations include, among others :
The Green Village
Body Play
For One’s Sake
Exploring Visuals
Brick of a Man
His choreographic works have been shown in many cities in Germany, Brazil, China, South Korea ,Italy, Morocco, Austria and Russia.