Katja Liss performing

It is possible to audition by video if you are unable to attend one of our scheduled auditions please audition by video by sending a DVD or a link via YouTube or Vimeo.

Please include the following information in your audition by video:

Ballet: Plié, Tendus, Jetés, Rond de Jambe, Adagio and Grand Battement. You do not need to show both sides. Also include a turn across the floor and a jumping combination.
We would also like to see a contemporary combination (3 Minutes long) preferably choreographed by you, this should include contemporary floor work (Rolls etc). You can also include any classroom combinations that you would like to show us.

Please send your DVD to the following address:

Berlin DANCE Institute
Egelingzeile 6
12103 Berlin


Send the YouTube link by way of email to the following address info@berlin-dance-institute.de

The deadline to audition by video for the school year starting October 1st 2024 is April 30th 2024. If you live outside of the European Union, please audition as soon as possible as obtaining a visa to study in Germany can be a long process. Please apply for a student visa in the country where you reside.

Please send us the following information with your link:
A copy of your CV with your full name, address, date and place of birth, education and dance experience. Plus a motivation letter for the faculty explaining your reasons as to why you want to become a professional dance artist.

Please note that upon acceptance a refundable fee is paid to reserve your place. The fee is placed in a bank account and is refunded upon completion of the programme (bank details and fees).

If you have questions regarding our programme or the application process, please feel free to contact us at anytime. We are always happy to help the next generation of dance artists.