Susi, Suleika, Wendy

Where we come from

Berlin Dance Institute was founded in 2016 by Wendy Taylor, Suleika Fichtner and Susi Neff. Three dance artists and dance lecturers. BDI is an international Institute of excellence in the field of contemporary dance training. It is a vocational college recognised by the Berlin Senate. (Angezeigte Ergänzungsschule nach § 102 Schulgesetz with BAföG.)
At the root of our ethos is the aspiration to push contemporary dance forward by working and collaborating with professional artists. Our desires and interests are engaged within the contemporary dance profession. We inspire the next generation of dance artists to explore the endless possibilities of contemporary dance. Our mission is to open the world of Contemporary Dance to all dance artists who desire to learn in an open, honest and caring environment. Our international faculty will lecture, nurture and guide you through the 3-year contemporary dance education programme.

Our Core Values

We Foster Education

Berlin Dance Institute is a dynamic, spirited and bold vocational college that inspires success in its faculty and its students. We are committed to delivering outstanding performance within our college and to the wider community of Berlin.

We Pursue Excellence

We strive to be the best in our field. Berlin Dance Institute creates an atmosphere that encourages, invites and builds excellence. An atmosphere that is highly valued by all who work with us.

We Practice Honesty

Berlin Dance Institute is dedicated to ensuring that the work environment we provide is open and honest. Therefore, the level of trust between the faculty and the students is our highest priority. We are committed to open dialogue and transparency, where our faculty and our students can be proud and happy to be a part of our programme. We believe that the sun shines upon a place that is honest in its work.

We Create Fun

Our dance education programme is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding, but it is also a programme where fun is mandatory.  In our programme, students and lecturers can work together, learn from each other and most importantly laugh together.