Berlin Dance Insitute uses a variety of assessment methods to reflect the diversified learning experiences each student will receive during the 3-year education programme such as:

  • Practical tasks
  • Assessed classes
  • Performance/Choreographic presentations
  • Rehearsal and performance (both in commissioned work, your own work and that of your peers)
  • Group and individual oral presentations
  • Lecture demonstrations
  • Research based academic writing

Due to this assessment method each student will develop a broad range of skills, knowledge and understanding necessary. As a result students will become well-rounded and versatile dance artists.

Exams are held twice a year at the end of each semester:

  • Semester 1    1st October – 31st March
  • Semester 2    1st April – 30th September

Students have practical and written exams for each module that is studied during the semester.

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