Lecturer Health and Nutrition

Berrin Berker has been self employed for more than 30 years. For the last twenty years she has worked as a communication trainer and coach in many well-known medium and large sized companies.

She has also spent the last 25 years or more passionately exploring the topic of holistic-integral health, through research and further education. Through her research Berrin continues to develop and discover new aspects pertaining to human health. Many of her conclusions are based upon her own private and professional experiences with holistic-integral health.
Berrin believes that the balance of the three most important pillars of human life are body-mind-soul. When not in sync, these can immensely affect human well- being, both personally and professionally. Therefore, this is always in the forefront of Berrin’s work, only when all three areas are in sync is a holistic, healthy, happy life possible.

Berrin’s motto for life “healthy-happy-life” in every respect.

Read more about Berrin on her website www.berrinberker.de

Be good to your body, so your soul lusts to dwell in it!
St. Theresa of Avilla