You can stain the same person or landscape with your own perspective and emotion through your lens.

Vivian Yang - Photographer

Vivian Yang – Photographer

I was born in Beijing, China. I came to Berlin, Germany, for further studies shortly after my high- school graduation. From 2002 to 2005 I studied at Berlin Technical Art Academy (BTK) and obtained my “multimedia designer” certificate in 2005. Photography is becoming an important part of my life; I am fascinated by the creative nature of photography.

Due to my love of classical ballet and as an avid hobby ballet dancer myself, I have a unique and special interest in photographing dancers. I have been taking classic ballet training in Ballett Centrum since 2001, and also in Marameo. My skills as a dancer give me the accurate sense to photographer dance movement and expression.
Being natural and yourself is highly valued by my photography. “I love to find out the natural charisma of each dancer!”

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