Lecturer Choreography and Repertoire

Lena Biallawons is a Berlin based dancer and choreographer. She graduated from the Theatre Akadamie Stuttgart with a degree in Performing Arts and Drama Education. Lena then went on to study contemporary dance, she completed her final year at Berlin Dance Institute.
Lena has performed at the Theaterakompanie Stut tgart under the direction of Christian Schlösser, Schunk GmbH, Exper imenta Hei lbronn, under the direction of Katrin Röhlig and at the Apollo Theatre Siegen. Lena has also performed in Berlin at the Admiral’s Palast, Uferstudios, Umspannwerk and the ATZE Musiktheatre.
The choreographic pieces from Lena are thematically inspired by current events in society / politics and nature. She searches for experiences that are personal to the dancers and then works to find a contrast or a thread for these experiences. Lena also works with sounds and inner images and individual body qualities and movements to create a role.
We are happy to welcome Lena Biallawons as our resident choreographer
Lena Biallawons