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Healthy food for dancers

Hi, my name is Wendy Taylor and I am one of the directors of Berlin Dance Institute.
I thought it was time to start a blog about dance, fitness and nutrition. However, I am not here to preach about what one should or shouldn’t eat. I have always been a firm believer that one can eat what one wants, but variety and moderation are key. Perhaps this notion is a little nieve, especially today as we are constantly challenged with new data regarding dance, fitness and nutrition. What should we eat? What should we avoid? Do we need extra supplements to balance out our diet?

Diet is very personal and what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. The key is to find out what works for you and to maintain a healthy relationship between dance, fitness and nutrition. Anyone who undertakes a career where the body is pushed beyond its limits on a daily basis such as dancers or athletes etc, need to take extra nutritional care ensuring that what one eats is really what one needs.
Let us remember that our bodies are our tools, without them we cannot achieve our goals. So, we need to cherish and nuture them and good nutrition is certainly key to maintaining a healthy body.

My goal during the next few months is to post at least once a week information about dance, fitness and nutrition. I will include my own personal experiences, but also the experiences of others. I will also post data from a variety of people who are involved with dance, fitness and nutrition. The goal is also to provide you with some good inexpensive recipes that are quick to fix, taste great and give you all the nutritional benefits possible.

Here is a delicious recipe for hummus. This is easy to fix and great to eat with raw or grilled vegetables, enjoy.

Please stay posted. I will be back.