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Are we drinking enough fluids during the day to ensure that our bodies work efficiently and effectively?  Zerlina Mastin (Mastin, 2009) believes that water is the 4th macronutrient.  It makes up 70 per cent of the brain, 90 per cent of the lungs and 82 per cent of the blood. When one considers that our bodies are primarily made up … Read More


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Let’s talk about protein and why this is an essential element in everyone’s diet, particularly dancers and athletes. Protein is a vital component of every cell in the body. The building and repairing of tissue is done with protein, as is the making of hormones and enzymes.  It is an essential element for the building and maintenance of  bones, muscles, … Read More

Healthy Fats – to eat or not to eat

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This week I am going to talk about healthy fats – to eat or not to eat,  and why we need to include fats in our diet. There is an abundance of information on fat out there, unfortunately it is often conflicting. So this article will attempt to sort out the facts that are relevent to dance, fitness and nutrition. … Read More

Performance Project

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We invite you to an evening of contemporary dance. Where: Blue Tap (Umspannwerk) Ohlauer Str. 43, 10999 Berlin When: Sunday 17th December 17:00 – 18:30 Tickets available at info@berlin-dance-institute.de. Tickets are also available on the day of the performance. Cost: 10€ We look forward to seeing you all!

Carbohydrate Two

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Finally, here it is Carbohydrate Two. One of the main issues that plaque dancers is what to eat and when. So this next article will focus on carbohydrates and how to refuel the body at the correct time in order to maintain maximum performance. Carbohydrates two – what to eat and when So here we go with carbohydrates two – … Read More


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Well here I am again and the topic this week is the macronutritate carbohydrate.  Do you know how important carborhydrates are for dancers and athletes? It is not just a major source of energy, but as a nutrient it plays a vital role. According to Zerlina Mastin (Mastin, 2009) carborhydrates are responsible for the following: helps to burn fat when … Read More


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Hi again, I am back, with macronutrients on my mind. I know, a little later than I anticipated, but life and work can sometimes get in the way of well thought out plans. Today I am going to be talking about the macronutrients, starting with a little introduction about what macronutrients consist of. Over the next few weeks I will … Read More

Final Audition for 2017

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On Sunday, 3rd of September, Berlin Dance Institute will hold its final audition for the school year beginning October 2017. Please register online.

Save the date! Auditions 2017.

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Berlin Dance Institute is inviting aspiring dancers to audition for the school year 2017/2018 – here are the dates April 9th 2017 Berlin May 21st 2017 Berlin May 28th 2017 Copenhagen June 25th 2017 Berlin Find more information on how to audition at BDI.